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Eternally in Debt - Chapter Six - Everybody in a Party!
Shake Shake your Body!
Eternally in Debt - Chapter Six
Title: Eternally in Debt
Author: biancamasuda
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Ryo Nishikido×Takahisa Masuda, Takahisa Masuda×Yuya Tegoshi
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: WHAT THE HECK IS A DISCLAIMER? Just kidding. There's a dictionary.com, did you know that?
Summary: Takahisa Masuda finds himself stuck in a very difficult relationship with Ryo Nishikido. But after lending a bit of his blood to a man (Yuya Tegoshi) he did not know to be a Vampire, Takahisa finds himself responding to a Vampire that believes that he is eternally in debt to Takahisa for his life.


Enjoy! And Merry Christmas, lovelies!


[One] 'I will serve you for as long as you live.'
[Two] 'Could it be possible for a human to own such eyes?'
[Three] 'A Vampire. That looks like a Vampire bite.'
[Four] 'His lips red, his teeth sharp, his skin pale. He almost looked similar to Yuya.'
[Five] 'This seemed like some kind of Vampire infested building after all.'


What the hell was that? Why do I feel like this?” Yuya thought to himself, unable to keep his and Takahisa’s hot kiss out of his head. He kicked a bench, and it stumbled awkwardly onto it side in an instant.

He sighed and sat it back upright, plopping onto it.

“It could probably never work. I saw the guilt in his eyes.” He said aloud. Nobody was around anyway. It was deep into the night. He had spent the whole day thinking about Takahisa, and couldn’t get his mind off it. And Takahisa probably wouldn’t ever want to see him again.

Humans are trouble. No more romance with humans. Or anybody for that matter. It’s trouble.

Yuya leaned his head back over the top of the bench, staring at the upside down trees dancing with the slight wind. He closed his eyes, trying to fight the image of Takahisa’s body pressed up against his own on the couch.

The vision quickly disappeared, as he heard a twig snap. He became more alert, and opened his eyes, his head still tilted back.

In almost less than a second, two figures appeared upside down, grinning at Yuya.

“Tomohisa! Keiichiro…w-what are you doing here?” Yuya stood up, ready to defend himself.

“Ah, this time we’re not here to kick your ass.” Tomohisa had his hands in his pocket. “Actually, this time, we’re going to ask you for a favor.”

“Why in the world would I want to do you fuckers a favor?” Yuya spat bitterly.

“Lose the attitude, buddy. There’s a reward for you if you do it.” Tomohisa’s smirk made Yuya uncomfortable. He looked at Keiichiro, who just leaned against a tree silently.

“I don’t care for any fucking reward. I’m not doing anything for you.”

“Well. It’s as much as a reward to us as it is to you. You might want to rephrase.”

“What are you talking about, Tomohisa?!” Yuya was getting anxious now. Why did Tomohisa have all that confidence in his words? What in the world was going on?

“How about I ask you for the favor first, and then I shall tell you what you get in return, hm?” Tomohisa flashed his sharp teeth, a frightening glint in his eye. He stepped closer towards Yuya, who didn’t move. He could feel Tomohisa’s breath against his face. “Do you know a man that goes by the name of Ryo?”

“What if I do?”

“Well if you do, my friend, we would love for you to collect him for us.”

“Do it yourself.” Yuya snapped, getting impatient now.

“We have our own things to do.” Keiichiro finally spoke, walking over to Tomohisa.

“If this is so important to you, then why can’t you get it yourself?! Even if you have shit to do.”

“Ah, but we must entertain a nice little guest in the castle. Would you like to know his name?”

“Why would I care?”

“Takahisa Masuda.”

Yuya just stared, as if he heard nothing at all. “…what?”

“Oh, do you know him?” Tomohisa ran his fingers through Yuya’s hair. “Yes, poor thing. He seems to be really afraid. Tied up and all in a castle full of Vampires.”

“W-Why do you have him?” Yuya could hear the panic in his own voice, despite the strength he desired to express.

“Agh, because of Hironori’s stupidity.” Keiichiro snarled.

“Prince. It seems you know him. So please collect Ryo, so we can let him go. He seems to be anxious to leave the castle.”

“I’m not your Prince.” Yuya grabbed Tomohisa’s collar. A very odd sight it was, as he was almost a foot shorter. “Don’t. You. Dare. Hurt. Him.”

“Well then don’t you dare forget to snatch Ryo for us. Or I will rip your precious Takahisa’s heart right out of his chest.”

Yuya released Tomohisa.

“I understand.” He put his head down.

“Good boy.” Tomohisa patted Yuya on the back.

He looked up. They were gone.


“Ha! I knew it would work. Brilliant plan, Keiichiro. Wow. Did you see the look on his face?” Tomohisa continued to laugh all the way through the castle hallways.

“Tomohisa, it’s our oath to protect the human that sacrificed their blood to us. I don’t think it’s funny at all. He gets Ryo, we let Takahisa go, and then we leave him alone, ok?” Keiichiro said.

“Agh, that easy? But that’s too easy. Talk about boring. If we were going to do that, why don’t we just get Ryo ourselves? There’s no fun in that!”

“It’s not about having fun, Tomohisa.”

“You’re such a party pooper.”

They opened the door to the billiard room, seeing a very disturbing sight indeed.

An empty chair.

“What the fuck?! H-He got away?” Tomohisa didn’t even attempt to hide the quaver in his voice.

Keiichiro sighed heavily. “Calm down, Tomohisa. It would be impossible to escape outside without the strength of a Vampire. Mere mortals can’t even open the doors outside. Isn’t that why this castle is made for Vampires?”

“But what if someone finds him?!”

“That’s why we must look for him. Alert Hironori, and do not tell anyone else.”

“What if we can’t find him, Keiichiro?”

“We will. He will hide in the presence of other Vampires, so if anyone else is around, who is not looking for him, they will not notice.”

“I hope you’re right, Keiichiro. I really do.”

Their running footsteps echoed through the marble halls, the billiard room door closing behind them.


Shit…why did I leave that room? Now I’m lost…shit, shit, shit.” Takahisa bit his lip as he found himself lost in the biggest mansion…castle…or whatever it was, ever. It didn’t even seem like those two men were going to hurt him. Why did he run?

And were all these other people Vampires too?! They could hurt him.

Takahisa spent the last hour running in and out of doors, looking for a way out, making sure to evade the sight of everyone walking around. There seemed to be a lot of people living in this house. Unless there was some kind of party of some sort.

All of them dressed in either black, white, or red, and Takahisa was very sure they were Vampires. Those teeth couldn’t be normal.

His feet were freezing and ached, his whole body shivered. All he wore was a thin t-shirt, and sweatpants. It seemed Vampires weren’t much fans of heat.

Agh, what am I going to do?” Takahisa slumped down onto the floor of a balcony, which overlooked an enormous room with what looked like a pair of thrones in the middle of the marble desert. It was completely empty, so he thought it was safe for now. He was too dead tired to run around anymore.

He tried his hardest to catch his breath, trying to keep warm by wrapping a red curtain around him, which hung from the high ceiling, until the bottom of the balcony.

He felt exhausted, and decided to close his eyes for a bit.

Takahisa ended up dozing off for a few minutes before the loud echo of the colossal room’s door fly open, and loud footsteps filled the air. He gasped quietly from the surprise, and tried to conceal himself more with the curtain, but let himself get a good view of what was going on down there.

He saw one woman and three men. They dressed as if there was a fancy ball.

He strained his ear to listen.

“…a half son? Well that is great news, commander.” The one that had sat in the oversized gold, red cushioned chair said loudly.

“Thank you, your highness.” A taller man bowed. “Keiichiro and his friend said they would take care of it. My son seems to be very excited to have a brother.”

“Well, congratulations, commander. We send best wishes to you.” The woman that had also sat down in one of the chairs said elegantly. She was wearing all red. From her strapless red gown, down to her silk red gloves. From what Takahisa saw, she could be a queen of some sort.

The dust from the curtain began to irritate Takahisa’s nose, who was trying his hardest not to sneeze. It almost seemed he was winning the battle against the dust, when a nice loud sneeze decided to bounce around the echoing walls.

“Kazunari, would you be so kind as to see where that sound had come from?”

“Obliged, your highness.” A shorter, lean man had bowed to the man on the throne, and seemed to know exactly where Takahisa’s sneeze had come from, as he was walking towards the balcony, and was easily climbing the walls to get to it.

Takahisa’s head screamed for him to run, but he couldn’t move. He stayed frozen, between the red of the curtains, shutting his eyes tightly, just waiting.

“I found someone, King. He seems…he seems to be human!” The one called Kazunari had said.

Takahisa couldn’t even fight back as the man had pulled him to his feet.

“You can bring him down.”

Takahisa closed his eyes, as he felt himself leap down, the man holding his waist. He felt himself land and let go of, his body feeling a bit dizzy as he stumbled onto the marble floor.

“Ah, he is indeed, human.” The one that Takahisa guessed to be King grinned. “It’s alright, son, we will not hurt you.”

Takahisa tried to pry himself off the floor, but couldn’t do much more than get himself to sit up on his bum. He looked up at the King, and noticed a very startling resemblance to someone familiar. Was this Yuya Tegoshi’s father?

“What are you doing here?” The one that the King had called ‘Commander’ snapped. He had grabbed Takahisa’s collar. Takahisa gasped loudly, his body feeling limp. His body froze. This man’s eyes. Why did they look so familiar? He’s seen them before.

“Now, now, Commander Koyama. We don’t want to hurt him. Let’s just simply ask why he is here.” The King had turned to Takahisa. “Now, son, why do you pay us Vampires such a visit?”

Takahisa wasn’t sure if he should tell the truth or not. Or even if he wanted to, it seemed his voice had gone on vacation.

“Ah, he must be frightened.” The woman in the throne beside the King said softly. Takahisa concluded she was the queen. “Perhaps a bit of a grooming and feeding will get him a bit more comfortable.”

“Very well. Kazunari, please find Masaki and Jun, and get this man cleaned up. Also tell Sho to cook up a great feast. Tell him we have an unexpected guest.” The King said very kindly, yet with a hint of power in his voice.

“Yes, your highness.” Kazunari had gotten Takahisa onto his feet, and literally dragged him towards the door, which seemed like a mile away.

He took one last look at the Commander. A chill ran up his spine. His eyes.

Ryo’s eyes.


Loud sobs could be heard from a very empty apartment for two, as Ryo swallowed his pride and let the tears drown the couch.

It was very late into the evening, and it had already been more than 24 hours that Takahisa had been gone.

“Why w-would he leeeeeeeeeave?!?!?!?!?!” Ryo whined loudly to himself, blowing his nose. “My baby…my baby…doesn’t he know I love him?”

He had no idea what he was blubbering about, but he couldn’t stop.

He continued to cry until a loud knock put a stop to his sobs.

Ryo leaped onto his feet, running to the door, hoping so badly it was Takahisa.

He threw the door open and frowned.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, coming around here?” Ryo snarled.

“I know where Takahisa is.” Yuya stepped into the apartment, ignoring the rude greeting.

“Y-You do?”

“Yes. But—”

“Tell me…tell me where he is!” Ryo grabbed Yuya by the collar and had him up against the wall.

Yuya struggled to get onto his feet, but failed. Where does this strength come from? he thought. How could a human carry this kind of strength?

“I can’t…I can’t exactly tell you…” Yuya closed his eyes and kneed Ryo in the stomach, who dropped him, and doubled over, clutching his torso.

Ryo quickly recovered and angrily dived towards Yuya, who had just slightly dodged the attack.

Was this Ryo, human? Yuya felt a Vampire’s presence. Was it Ryo?

He evaded another blow, and decided to go into the offense. He had to get Takahisa back.

But should he really be kidnapping Takahisa’s lover in order to save him? Takahisa wouldn’t be very happy.

“L-Let me go!” Ryo growled, his arms pinned against the wall by Yuya.

“I’m sorry to do this…I’m really sorry.” Yuya closed his eyes and cracked his skull against Ryo’s.

The man collapsed into Yuya’s arms and Yuya sighed.

It has to be done, Yuya.” He assured himself. “You are eternally in debt.



I hope you guys enjoyed. I'm more excited for the next chapter. HA. ARASHI ARE SERVANTS IN THE VAMPIRE CASTLE. COOL. COOL.

I'm so rude. Anyway. Merry Christmas guys! I hope all of you are having a great holiday!!!!!

Love all y'all!!! =D!

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And yes, Arashi is! Them servants =D!

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Keii-chan makes me want to smack him. It's like he's wants to do the "right" thing but he still goes along with the plans anyway.

Update! Pronto! Please?
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OMG XDD I luv u for making yamapi evil and...
& for the first time I feel sry for ryo T_T

Mary christman;)
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It's definitely hard to feel sorry for Ryo in this fic. But poor thing =(. Even though like...half the population (including me) laughed at him crying, HAHAHA.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading!
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Ryo~ D= I do feel bad for him even if he is a bit..mean to Massu sometimes. And poor Massu~ I hope he starts feeling less scared..though now that he's seen eyes that remind him of Ryo's...maybe he'll get more scared. >
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HAHA. Yeah, seriously, Masuda must be in such an uncomfortable situation, holy crap. I can't wait for him to all pampered and fed by a Vampire kingdom. It looks fun, HAHA.

For some reason, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, but it's not even like that at all. but do you remember how the beast had to learn etiquette and stuff?! For some reason, I keep thinking of that. Even though it's not like that at all. I'll quit talking now. HAHA.

Thanks for reading =DDDDDDD!
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Hahaha, you like Ryo's attitude?! He kinda makes me laugh. But poor Masuda...sometimes. But now Masuda's the cheater. SO HA. CHEATER. I'm so rude.

Thanks! I'll try and update soon =D! Happy New Year, and thanks for reading! =D!
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Anyway Koyama and Yamapi are so hawttt XD

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